Women & Child Rights

Women & Child Rights Program:

Child rights program is another important issue of the organization. In these area majority of the families are farmer. This is river eroded and draught prone and flood affected area. Peoples of this area are sufferings form river erosion. Due to these causes the people of this area are becoming poor day by day. That’s why, most of the family member has to earn for him or herself. Children are not out of this situation. Parents are reluctant to sent their children in the school, they feel comfort to send them for earning or they like their son and daughter will work with them for earning in the cornfield. Though the government and NGOs have very good initiatives in the field of basic education, but still a remarkable number of schools going children are out of the track due to lacking of awareness, shortage of learning facilities and accommodation in school.


Child torture is a major problem in the above mention areas. Children are working in different workshop, Brick-fields and small factories. Some of them are working in rich men’s house as servant. Some are truck (Lorry) helper. Though they are not supposed to do such heavy work in workshop or in factories and even the household duties, but they are bound to do due to their survival. These kinds of job are violating the UN declaration about child rights. Moreover in this job if the children do any mistake, the service provider tortures them. BRED is working on this issue. The organization organizes campaign and advocacy for child right. It has a good motivation work for parents and service provider to send their child and/or child servant in school and play ground for playing at a certain time in every day. The organizations organize workshop and rally for protecting child rights in its working area. The programs possess a very good effect in the working area. More over the children are becoming more and more aware about their rights. The organization has a savings and credit program. The major portion of the program is running by the organization’s own fund and partially supported by donors.


Women are half of the population of the country so that without women it is not possible to develop the country as a whole. BRED thinks that savings and credit program play an important role for the empowerment of powerless poor women.  Surrounding this program the group member involve in group formation program, institutional development program, awareness raising program on different issues, and they are also becoming skilled in financial management, project selection, project management and operational aspect. In this connection the women are being educated with life-skill education on Poultry and fishery and micro-credit support are provided for their income and employment generation activities. More over women are provided Khas land (Governments land) as she is the owner of that land in black and white. Through all these process women become empowered in the family as well as in the society.