BRED started its work for a holistic development of the poor people of the working area. The organization beliefs as nuclease of development and that is why, literacy is the foundation of the development. So if the organization wants to develop poor people, education and literacy is must for their development. The organization thinks education and literacy is the key factor of the empowerment for the powerless people. That’s why, the organization has started literacy and education program from the beginning of its work by own fund. Initially the organization started 10(ten) adult literacy centers by own fund. At that time the worker contributed money for the education program. They successfully completed one year course of adult education. Then some local rich men donated some money and they open other 10(ten) literacy center. Among these five were for men and five were women. The organization achieved very good result and experience by this program. BNFE & BRAC provided fund for their educational program. Now the organization is implementing:


  • 05 (Adult) Education centers is implementing by its own fund
  • 10 (Ten) Non-formal Primary Education centers (funded and support by BRAC)


Though the organization’s experience in the field of education from its inception during this short time the organization gathered sound knowledge and experience on program implementation, staff training and teacher’s training for education program. In future the organization hopes to implement an innovative education program for the better empowerment of the poor and powerless people.