Education Program:

BRED started its work for a holistic development of the poor people of the working area. The organization beliefs as nuclease of development and that is why, literacy is the foundation of the development. So if the organization wants to develop poor people, education and literacy is must for their development. The organization thinks education and literacy is the key factor of the empowerment for the powerless people. That’s why, the organization has started literacy and education program from the beginning of its work by own fund. Initially the organization started 10(ten) adult literacy centers by own fund. At that time the worker contributed money for the education program. They successfully completed one year course of adult education. Then some local rich men donated some money and they open other 10(ten) literacy center. Among these five were for men and five were women. The organization achieved very good result and experience by this program. BNFE & BRAC provided fund for their educational program. Now the organization is implementing:


  • 05 (Adult) Education centers is implementing by its own fund
  • 10 (Ten) Non-formal Primary Education centers (funded and support by BRAC)


Though the organization’s experience in the field of education from its inception during this short time the organization gathered sound knowledge and experience on program implementation, staff training and teacher’s training for education program. In future the organization hopes to implement an innovative education program for the better empowerment of the poor and powerless people.


Dissemination of Improve Cook Stoves Program (ICS)

BRED is implementing “Dissemination improved Cook stoves’’ Program in Bhuapur Upazila under Tangail District. The Program is technical supporting from FRIDAY (a Partner Org. of GIZ). It has been disseminating to installation in household. Biomass is still the largest form of energy available in US. It is improved old stove like Jhikwala. Its name has been converted as ‘Bondhu Chula’ in the community. To the reducing of carbon Gas in airfield BRED has been initiated 1500 ICS (Improved cook stoves) in the beneficiaries of the project areas.


Training Program:

The organization has gathered a strong training background. It received training from CAMPE, BRAC, ALRD, BNFE, Khan Foundation, CWCS, NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation and some other development network on different issues. Based on this experience the organization has started training program. The organization already conducted.


  • Training on skill development for income generation of 200 local women.
  • 200 Women and 60 men participated in the training on land reforms and rights of the land less people on khas land.
  • Conducted staff training on education, gender, Social mobilization, land rights, saving & credit, fishery and Poultry.
  • Conducted life skill education like Poultry, Livestock Fishery for the 100 adolescent girls and 200 young women of Bhuapur Upazila under Tangail district and micro-credit support for empowering, income and employment generation activities.


Women & Child Rights Program:

Child rights program is another important issue of the organization. In these area majority of the families are farmer. This is river eroded and draught prone and flood affected area. Peoples of this area are sufferings form river erosion. Due to these causes the people of this area are becoming poor day by day. That’s why, most of the family member has to earn for him or herself. Children are not out of this situation. Parents are reluctant to sent their children in the school, they feel comfort to send them for earning or they like their son and daughter will work with them for earning in the cornfield. Though the government and NGOs have very good initiatives in the field of basic education, but still a remarkable number of schools going children are out of the track due to lacking of awareness, shortage of learning facilities and accommodation in school.


Child torture is a major problem in the above mention areas. Children are working in different workshop, Brick-fields and small factories. Some of them are working in rich men’s house as servant. Some are truck (Lorry) helper. Though they are not supposed to do such heavy work in workshop or in factories and even the household duties, but they are bound to do due to their survival. These kinds of job are violating the UN declaration about child rights. Moreover in this job if the children do any mistake, the service provider tortures them. BRED is working on this issue. The organization organizes campaign and advocacy for child right. It has a good motivation work for parents and service provider to send their child and/or child servant in school and play ground for playing at a certain time in every day. The organizations organize workshop and rally for protecting child rights in its working area. The programs possess a very good effect in the working area. More over the children are becoming more and more aware about their rights. The organization has a savings and credit program. The major portion of the program is running by the organization’s own fund and partially supported by donors.


Women are half of the population of the country so that without women it is not possible to develop the country as a whole. BRED thinks that savings and credit program play an important role for the empowerment of powerless poor women.  Surrounding this program the group member involve in group formation program, institutional development program, awareness raising program on different issues, and they are also becoming skilled in financial management, project selection, project management and operational aspect. In this connection the women are being educated with life-skill education on Poultry and fishery and micro-credit support are provided for their income and employment generation activities. More over women are provided Khas land (Governments land) as she is the owner of that land in black and white. Through all these process women become empowered in the family as well as in the society.

Micro Credit Program:

Micro-credit support program of BRED is one of the vital programs of the organization. The organization is continuing this program since its inspection among the land less people, marginal farmer, small traders and distress women, at present 800 beneficiaries got credit support from the organization, cases study shows that majority of this family become self-reliant with this sorts of assistance BRED’s own resources and local merchant community are the main donors of this project. Generally BRED’s micro-credit support goes to it target people those who got skill training from its training department. That is why the organization’s recovery is about 100%.


Land & Agricultural Reforms Program:

This is another important project of the organization. In our working area there are huge quantities of kaha land (Government land) or vested property, which is grabbed by the powerful quarter of the area. BRED is provide awareness program to staff members, local elite, local administration and landless people  about khas land and its related laws of the country through the training. On the other hand it has also assist the land less people in local land related office with necessary lobbying and advocacy by which they will get the proposed land and in the mean time some of the landless people got the Khas land and enjoying their rights. Case study shows that people who got khas land by which they improve their quality of life and reduced poverty gradually.


Income Generating Program (IGA)

BRED has a skill development project by which all the young women is brought under a skill development training and basically the training is conduct on Poultry, Fishery and Livestock. After the training all the women starts small scale poultry firm, fishery project or starts goat rearing. In this project near about 300 skilled women has started these sorts of income generating activities by their own fund or support of BRED’s and they become benefited from it.




Recent Major Program of BRED:

Sl. No. Name of the projects Donor/ Partners Synopsis of Project/Program
1. Dissemination of Improve Cook Stoves Program   (SED) GIZ & FRIDAY BRED is implementing “Dissemination Improved Cook Stoves’’ Program in Bhuapur Upazila Under Tangail District. In this project technical support is initiating by FRIDAY (a Partner Organization of GIZ). It has been disseminating to installation of ICS in household. It is called as the ‘Bondhu Chula’ in the community. To reducing of carbon Gas in airfield BRED has been initiated 1500 ICS (Improved cook stoves) in the beneficiaries of the project areas.
2. Indigenous Children Education Program USC Canada Never enrolled and dropout indigenous children are brought in our education center up to 3 years and after graduation they become mainstreaming in the govt. Primary school.

Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) Program.



8-10 year dropout children or never enrolled in primary school children brought in our center-based education center up to 5 years and after graduation they become mainstreaming in govt. Primary or High school.
4. Micro-Credit Support Program Own &

Local Fund mobilization

BRED used to practice savings among the target people and aware them in all respect. Education and skill training is being provided to them and sometimes micro-credit support is provided them for their income and employment generation.
5. Social Mobilization for Safe Water and Environmental Sanitation Program. NGO Forum for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation BRED is implementing Water supply and sanitation program in different projects areas. In that context BRED has been taken planning for 100% sanitation coverage in different Unions of Bera Upazila under Pabna District. In addition to that the organization is trying its utmost efforts to do the job with the assistance of NGO Forum and local Union Parishad, local administration and local elites. BRED also implementing the flood rehabilitation program on water and sanitation of the said Union. In the mean time 77% Sanitation coverage is already been achieved on that Unions.
6. Mobile Hotline for Anti Trafficing Program Khan Foundation BRED organized program on using Mobile Hotline for women & children Anti Trafficing at Bera Upazila at Pabna District. BRED also arrange rally, seminar at district level.
7. Awareness Program about Anti Traffecing CWCS BRED organized awareness program with assistance from CWCS for women & children on Anti Trafficing at Char Lands at Bera Upazila under Pabna District.
8. BRED Solar Program Own BRED Solar Program is its own funded program. In this program BRED covers Dhaka, Pabna, Tangail, Jamalpur, Sirajgonj, Bogra,  Gaibandha, Natore,Chapainababgonj, Thagorgaon, Dinajpur district in collaboration with other NGOs. BRED ensure the quality product approved by IDCOL.