Vision and Mission


BRED, since its inception, has been working with the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable women in remote rural areas of Bangladesh. As women constitute 50% of the country’s population, BRED realized that without women’s participation, all development effort would go in vein, because a woman in a family is the key person. BRED believed that the women could greatly contribute to the development of the rural society. Women need to develop their self confidence and identity. Women need opportunity for expression, articulation and close interaction to each other as woman. Women’s values, attitudes and activities are different from those of men and therefore, organizing them separately can highlight their values as alternative bases in the organizations. Culturally, the rural women of Bangladesh have little scope of working outside their houses. On the other hand, increasing pressure of poverty, participation of women in productive endeavors to earn support for family has become imperative / essential. Learning and experiences of BRED, through working in the difficult areas of rural Bangladesh, has proved that every people have potential to contribute to the society leading to poverty alleviation. Shabolombee Gram(self-help village) approaches for poverty alleviation through People’s Organization, Savings Mobilization, Hygiene Promotion, Water and Sanitation, Children’s Education and Rights is a tested model now.

BRED has the advantage of identifying and addressing problems related to poverty, women empowerment, savings mobilization, hygiene, safe drinking water and sanitation with the direct participation of the people, especially, the women. The people have assessed their needs with the facilitation support of BRED. Thus the mission of BRED was set as ‘Women Empowerment and Sustainable Community Development’. Although, BRED initially would work with the disadvantaged people, particularly, the disadvantaged women, but ultimately those women would take over all responsibilities of their own development.

BRED then had set its objectives towards attaining its mission. The fulfillment of BRED’s mission requires the contribution of competent professionals committed to the goals and values of BRED. Therefore, BRED directed it efforts for the development of the human potential of the staff to serve the poor people.

BRED sincerely welcomes the support or even partnership with like-minded organizations, government institutions, the private sector and development partners both at home and abroad. It beliefs that BRED is the organization of people; we are the facilitator only for the benefit of poor and vulnerable people.



BRED has been working in Bangladesh since 1995 on integrated development programmers, with a vision of ‘People’s Development is in People’s Hands’.  The vision of BRED is being materialized through achievements of Shabolombee Gram (Self-reliant Village) that means ensuring social justice, peace, empowerment of poor people, poverty reduction, access to resources to meet basic needs, rights of all segments of people over health education and livelihood. People realized that they should have their own organization to exercise and utilize their social capital. They will play key role as facilitator, promoter and actor in their working areas with full-fledged ownership, entitled concept. BRED, so far, has facilitated to mobilize 1.2 million people for implementation of integrated development programs in her working areas in achieving its vision statement.