Management and Governance of the Organization:

General Committee:

General Committee is the highest body of BRED. It holds the supreme authority in the organization. Presently, the general committee has a total number of 21 members. There is no ceiling regarding the number of members in the general committee. The general committee elects an executive committee for a period of 02 (two) years. The general committee meets once a year. But if necessary, it can summon emergency.


Executive Committee:

The organization has a 09 member executive committee. Members of this committee are elected by the members of the general committee for a period of 02 (two) years performs all responsibilities on behalf of the general committee. The executive committee approves all projects/programs and budget of the Organization.


Executive Director:

General Secretary is designated as Executive Director of the organization according to the constitution of the organization. He is responsible for over all administration and program implementation. To discharge his duties, he is assisted by sub-ordinate staff-members. He is   responsible for keeping   contract with the Govt. and   Non-Govt. agencies and donors. The Executive Director is accountable to the executive committee.

The Organization maintains its accounts according to the standard financial procedure. Chief accounts officer responsible for maintaining all accounts and preparation of financial statements. Accounts are audited Primary level from Dept. of Social Welfare and very shortly it will be audited Government affiliated Chartered accountant firms.


List of the Member of Executive Committee:
Sl. No. Name Position
01. Agriculturist Santosh Kumar Saha President
02. S. M. Tozammel Hossain Vice-President
03. Md. Shahidul Islam General Secretary
04. Md. Golam Rosul Treasurer
05. A.H.A. Gifari Member
06. S. M. Shamim Member
07. Mrs. Sadia Islam Member
08. Mrs. Lipi Begum Member
09. Md. Shahin Alom Member


Contract Person:

Md. Shahidul Islam

Executive Director

Pather Dishari Kollayan Sangstha (BRED)

Tel: 02-9129457, Mob: +8801711-116885




Head Office:

Village: Horirampur, Post office: Nakalia, Upazila:Bera,

Dist: Pabna, Bangladesh.

Mob: +8801782661186,



Liaison Office:

House # 140, Block # Ka, Road # 05

Pisci Culture Housing Society

Shaymoly, Mohammadpur


Tel: 02-9129457, Mob: +8801711-116885


Staff Management:

The organization has a team of dedicated, expert and experienced social worker, who have expertise in diversified academic background, who ensure proper implemetation of all program, fund and materials. The key management personnel of the organization have sufficient experience in socio-economic development, community participation, mobilization and development, institution building, human resource development, poverty alleviation such as income generation activities, credit operation and revolving fund management. The skill and expertise built up by the key personnel in project planning, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation during the long period of service with different donor and executing agencies in the above mentioned fields are the asset to extend further its activities in others socio-economic development projects.


The organization has written human resource development policy approved the executive committee of the organization. The organization prepares human resource development plan in each year as a part of organization development plan. As part of human resources development system, the staffs responsible to perform the program were trained in from the concern organization for better performance. The organization has established a training cell for providing need-based training to all sectors of demand to staffs of the organization as well as group members and other communities in the society.


BRED has developed well defined staff recruitment, staff development, human resource development, administrative and financial management system in different policy guidelines and manual has been developed in this regard and all recuitment, staff development, administrative and financial activities have been carrying out following the manuals and guidelines. BRED has also gender policy ensuring equal opportunity for men and women. BRED has well defined Financial Guideline for operating its finance and accounts system. The organization accounts to ensure transparency in the financial and accounting system of the organization. The organization maintained necessary register and documents such as attendance register, leave register including all types of books of accounts. The organization has possesses a participatory staff appraisal system to maintain transparency and impartiality in personnel management. The staffs are appraised by self and their supervisor without any biasness. Based on the appraisal report decision has been taken about benefits.



Financial Management System:

BRED has a transparent financial and accounts management system for smooth, efficient and cost effective finance management. The organization has written financial policy Guideline, all accounts and financial activities of the organization are carryout according to the rules and regulation of the Manual. The organization maintains separate books of accounts. It conducts regular audit by the external chartered Accountant firms accredited by the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of Bangladesh. The management is cost conscious and practiced cost control mechanism. The financial management of the organization is accountable to the organizations supreme decision-making authority. The organization has written financial Manual’s all accounts and financial transactions are maintained following Manual.


The organization’s budget is prepared and maintained according to fiscal year (July-June). However, at the project level, BRED possesses sufficient flexibility to match with relevant donor’s budget period. Budget has been prepared considering Strategic orientation of the organization, Consistency between program priorities and resource allocation, planned activities of the organization, Availability and source of fund. Each program Unit develops its annual work plan detailing the activities with expected income and expenditure, which is submit the Admin & Finance Division. The senior management then finalizes the draft budget for approved by the Executive Committee. Finally the Executive Committee approved the budget.


Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation:

Planning, monitoring and evaluation are the integral part of program implementation of the organization. BRED has a well-designed system of program planning, monitoring and evaluation using participatory methods. BRED has a skill and expert team to carryout monitoring and evaluation activities.


Planning: BRED has introduced a participatory planning process in the organization. The plan starts from the grassroots level and end at head office and policy level.


Monitoring: Quality performance is the key concern of BRED. The organization perceived that a sound and efficient monitoring system can measure the program and impact and ensure the desired level of program performance. BRED has developed the participatory monitoring systems to track of activities and outputs and to measure the progress of its works on regular basis. The organization has developed monitoring tools for collect data from the field. It has involved the project participants in the monitoring activities.


Evaluation: BRED has provision to conduct internal and external evaluation of the project/program as designed in the program planning. The organization generally design the evaluation through sharing with the development partners it is working with.